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Supply Tent

Canopy tents.
Are ideal for public events such as carnivals, community day events, flea markets, etc.. These events typically do not need tents which are aesthetically pleasing. Canopies are basic tents which are utilized for shelter from sunlight or rain. They don't have a high peak and based on the size, can have a somewhat flattened style roofing. Lightweight canopy tents are not designed for sidewalls and are not designed to be utilized in heavy rain or wind. Smaller canopies are often used for small, backyard parties in which the consumer is searching for an economical alternative to your professionally installed tent since they are simple to install and can be picked up and set up by the customer themselves.

Traditional pole tents.
Have been a staple at the leasing industry for a fantastic reason. They are the perfect style of tent for all sorts of occasions. They feature high peaks and are offered in many different sizes and widths from 20′ into 60′. Normally, pole tents are used for larger events such as weddings, company picnics, fundraisers, etc.. {They can be decorated with fabric and rod skirts for a very elegant look or can be used for casual celebrations as well. The downsides of pole tents are that they need a larger footprint because staking is essential to the installation and interior views can sometimes be blocked by the center sticks beneath the tent. Sidewalls of distinct styles are available for pole tents as well.

Sailcloth tents.
Have sculpted peaks and eaves at a translucent fabric that enhances daytime occasions with hot natural light, and brightly beams for day gatherings. Our elegant Sailcloth Tents are 100% waterproof and constructed strong to help guarantee your special day isn't affected by the components. The rods have a tasteful fruitwood finish that pairs perfectly with this tent of love. Sailcoth tents are available in both pole and framework variations. The rod tent variant includes center sticks at two distinct heights. These are known as King sticks and Queen sticks. While Sailcoth tents were initially inspired by a nautical motif, they've grown in popularity with many events which need differentiation.

Cross cable framework tents.
Are the perfect kind of tent to lease if you need to get a tent set up on a surface other than grass or dirt. Frame tents are the type of tent to select when installing pavement, concrete, decks, patios, etc. because they don't rely on staking. These tents have no center poles under which means there are no obstacles. They have dramatic high peaks and are designed to hold up to high quantities of wind. These types of tents are also a fantastic choice when working with different designs as they can be combined together to create unique shapes like L-shaped or T-shaped tents. Sidewalls of distinct styles are also available for all these tents. Cross cable framework tents are a wonderful choice for many different events including backyard birthday parties, showers, engagements and smaller weddings with less than 100 guests.

Structure tents.
Construction Tent Rentals are best for long term installations. These tents have no center poles plus a heavy aluminum framework that gives them a high wind resistance. There are no principles or stake lines required and they've a pressure sidewall system.

Pop-up Tent Canopy.
Is a small, lightweight, collapsible-frame fabric canopy. This style provides shelter and protection from rain. It's ordinarily a do-it-yourself rental which could be erected and removed quickly.

Dome Tents.
Are continuous air structures. This means that they will need to possess one or more blowers attached and functioning at all times. These tents are very distinctive and are excellent for merchandise previews, fun and games, event registration, etc.. Generally speaking they are not great for food, dining, or some other item that would have an open flame like cooking. In the event that you lose power they'll deflate rather quickly. These tents can be staked into grass or weighted for use on pavement or alternative.

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