Camping in the Michigan State Forests

While we all know that there are great places to go camping in Michigan, one of the best kept secrets in the Great Lakes State is that you can go camping on Michigan state forests and other beautiful natural sites without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Some campgrounds provide all inclusive family camping with full hookups for your vehicles as well as a shuttle to get you where you need to go. Some campers choose to do their camping in state forests and parks, but some prefer to go out into the wilds. Whatever your choice, Michigan has something for every camper and family in the Great Lakes State.

There are several popular camping locations in the state. One popular campground is located neareen Eastgate Trail in Indian Cave State Park. This is a campground that is located within the Indian Cave State Park and is managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. There are many great things for you to do at this park including swimming, hiking, rock climbing, boating, nature watching, and more. You can even stay at a cabin inside the park if you want to enjoy the all natural beauty of the area.

Another popular hiking spot in the park is Cedar Falls State Park. Here, you will be surrounded by huge trees and mountains while at the same time being close to water. Campers at this site can enjoy the swimming that is offered at the site as well as the fishing that is available year-round. The camping area is open throughout the season, but certain times of the year are more popular than others. Be sure to check the park’s website for more information on when the camping will be available to you.

A popular family camping destination in the Michigan forest is the Rockaway Camping Ground. This campground is on the St. Mary river and is not far from the popular Upper Peninsula. Many groups choose to camp at the Rockaway because it is a wonderful site with a variety of different sites. At this popular campground, families get to experience the wonders of nature while still being able to enjoy the comforts of home.

Cabin rentals are another popular option for families looking to enjoy some Michigan camping in the woods. The Cabin rentals at the Rockaway site are extremely popular with people who are heading out on an outdoor trip. The beautiful Rockaway overlooks Lake Michigan. They offer camping sites for two people and have a cabin with full kitchen and living quarters. This makes it easy to enjoy family time while still being in close proximity to the water. These Cabin rentals are also located close to the popular Upper Peninsula camping spots, so your family doesn’t need to travel very far to enjoy a wonderful vacation.

Another popular attraction is the Sibley National Wildlife Refuge. You and your family will love this park for its amazing scenic views and abundant wildlife species. It is very popular for hunters as many animals call the area home. If you are unfamiliar with the Sibley area, make sure to take a hike on some of the trails before hitting the park. This will allow you to get a feel for the natural environment of the area and help you to better enjoy the area in the future.

While there are many other popular Michigan camping grounds, the above are the most popular. If you would like to find other great camping spots in the forests of Michigan, you should do a little research on the internet. There is an abundance of information and you can often book camping accommodations online which make finding the perfect site even easier.

Overall, Michigan is an ideal camping location. There are a number of different attractions that make the area an enjoyable experience. If you are going to make the trek into the wilderness, make sure you have the appropriate camping gear and be sure to get the proper permits beforehand. The best sites can be found on public land, but there are also a number of campgrounds in the forest that only require a reservation or access fee.

Camping in the Michigan State Forests

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